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Nine Vol Danish Book Collection: Drachmann 1911-12 - $45

Poems and Tales of Dutch Life and Historiography.
Overall condition of the collection is in fair to good condition.

All pages appear to be intact.

Features: Leather spine and edging on book covers. Front and back covers are marbled hardcover

• An interesting feature of these books are the publisher’s improper use of Roman Numerals. The
manner in which they are used, to identify date published, violate the rules of Roman Numerals.
The rule indicates that the letter “c” (100 years) cannot he used more than three times in a row.
The publisher of this book series used the following to identify the years 1911 & 1912: mdccccxi
& mdccccxii. The correct use should have been mcmxi & mcmxii.

The following books are included in this collection (title, date published, and condition):

1. Osten For Sol Ocvesten For Maane Dicte 1880-1906
• 1911
• Good condition.

2. Digte 1872-79 Prinsessen Og Det Halve Kongerige
• 1912
• Fair condition – Spine has been damaged making it difficult to read the book title.
Covers once separated and are crudely repaired.

3. Derovee Fra Graensen Lars Kruse Fraholland Og Ostende Brugge Tarvis MM
• 1911
• Good condition.

4. Part 1: Forskrevet
• 1912
• Fair condition – crude repair to back cover which was separated in the past.

5. Part 2: Forskrevet
• 1912
• Fair condition – some separation from the cover.

6. Synflods Sagn Vandenes Datter Troldtoj – Sagn
• 1912
• Good condition

7. Strandby Folk Der Var Engang Tyrkisk Rokoko – Ester Hallfred Vandraade Skjald – Skuespil
• 1912
• Good condition.

8. Volund Smed Renaessance – Snefred Dansen Paa Kolding Hus Gurre – Melodramer
• 1912
• Good condition.

9. To Skud Kitzwalde Kirke – Orgel Venezia’s Nat
• 1912
• Good condition.
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