Jack Russell Boy needs help (Binghamton)

Hi I'm Brad It is with a heavy heart that I begin the search for a new home for my Cisco Kid.. He is family I have his mom and his sister his father Bandit was my best friend for 13 years and I owned his mother and father Ek and Percistence .. all there lives .. so Cisco is family the last Male of a long line of family .. So here is his issue .. we now live in Florida there Cisco developed allergy issues to flees and grass and maybe other things.. lots of things make you itch in Florida.. he became agresive to where he would make himself bleed all over trying to stop his itching. So I've tried everything I can afford to help.. but I just cant find a solution. So he has warn a plastic cone on his head miserably for the last 4 years. I spoke with a vet in Florida and talked about his issue she thinks and I know that he is better off here in the north east.. so I dropped the idea of rehoming him in Florida. And I'm now looking for his new home here in NY. There is one other reason I need to rehome him that's is that he is aggressive toward my dependent who has dementia . If I'm not with him he barks at mike and will not stop.. so he has to be in a kennel if I even go outside without him.. I've never seen him bite he just barks but when push comes to shove he retreats .. he is really not a jerk a lot but for mike it's scary and he dont deserve that at all..
Cisco has allways been with me as his dominant man of the house .. never many girls arround.. he might love to be a girls dog I dont know he usually dont pay girls no mind at all.. Anyway if you might be interested or know a lonely person who could care for him and try to help him let me know .. I think cisco has about maybe 10ish more years of life he is about 5 or 6 years old now.
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