Young Coturnix Quail (Owego)

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I have around 20 or so young coturnix quail available. There are a couple different colors and sizes. I hatched them myself and I'm just looking to rehome the ones I've decided not to keep. Hatched between 5/1 - 5/23. I do not know how many are males or females. Some can be determined by their feathers and the others will have to be vent checked. They can usually be vent checked by 8-10 weeks old. The oldest ones are 8 weeks old now. There's lots of info online about how to determine what they are. They can be raised for eggs, meat or just as pets. They are currently eating Purina gamebird starter feed. I'm asking $5 per bird (they go for around $20 at the hatchery's). If you are interested in getting several of them just message me with how many you want and an offer. Just trying to make back some of what I've spent on their care up to this point. Please text (607) Six 9 Nine - One 6 One 1 with any inquiries. Thank you.

**UPDATE: It looks like I only have a few confirmed females left. They are the ones that are determined by their feathers. Still have a few white ones I'm not 100% sure about as well. Should be a couple females in there too. ...and at least 10 males still available. The oldest ones will be 9 weeks old on 7/5.**

**If this is still posted, there are still some available.**

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